Visiting Wag Team Eileen and Ruby visit Mrs Judith W in Redcar

We work hard to find great matches for our people! Sometimes they’ll express a preference for a big dog, a hypoallergenic dog, a dog who can sit in their lap, “definitely not a long haired dog”, and sometimes their preference is more specific, a Collie or a Jack Russell.

Mrs Judith W who lives alone in Redcar would actually have loved visits from any type of dog at all, big or small. She hasn’t been well and feels pretty isolated, so regular visits from a friend with a furry friend were exactly what the Doctor ordered. Mrs W’s had German Shepherds and terriers in the past so you can imagine her delight when gorgeous Shepherd Ruby walked in.

The referrer, Meadowvale Home Care told us: Ruby is an absolutely beautiful dog. Judith said Ruby looks exactly like her last dog and she was really delighted; she and Eileen had lots to talk about too!

Weekly visits continue, Ruby loves Judith and the feeling is mutual – particularly as Judith has her own stock of Ruby treats! That’s what it’s all about!

Another very special and lifelong Wag friendship making a difference.