Visiting Wag Team Hannah and Floyd visit Mrs Leonie B in Stockton

Mrs Leonie B lost her husband some years ago and has lived alone ever since in Stockton. Like so many people, the restrictions around the pandemic were a difficult time and despite having a very close family, they mostly live abroad and she’s found herself becoming very isolated.

Mrs B absolutely loves dogs, her last dog was a much loved Spaniel but it’s not possible for her to have one of her own any more. The referral asked us for a small dog to visit and we were of course delighted to oblige with the very beautiful Yorkipoo, Floyd!

From the get go little Floyd felt at home and he immediately made himself comfortable on Mrs B’s lap who was thrilled and quite overcome that Floyd and Hannah will be visiting her every week; a special moment for everyone present.

Born to be a Friendship Dog Floyd, delighted to see you making such a difference!