Walk for Wag… Anywhere 

Walk for Wag… Anywhere allows you to create your own Walk for Wag fundraiser – anywhere and any time you like.

This year, some people decided to use it as an alternative to walking at Kielder. Elaine walked 11km at Shiremoor, and the Farman family not only walked 10km along the beach at South Gare, Redcar, but they also scattered the ashes of their beloved Henry, a retired Friendship Dog who loved The Gare, at the same time.

Additionally, while these were not walks but still fantastic fundraisers, Sarah ran the Loch Ness Marathon, Hazel zip-lined off the Tyne Bridge in the rain, and Steph and Ellie swam 10km (the furthest Ellie had ever swum in one go). That’s nearly £2000 raised in total, which is five Visiting Wag Teams for a whole year – thank you all, and congratulations!

Are you interested in creating your own fundraiser for Wag? Whether you’re enjoying the stunning scenery of the Lakeside Way at Kielder, the beautiful countryside of your own neighbourhood, or along our spectacular North East coastline – you can support us anywhere you like. Find out more.