Visiting Wag Team Anita and Harry visit Mrs P in Sunderland

Mrs P lives in Sunderland with her husband. For health reasons, she can’t get out of the house now, and neither of them are well enough to have a dog again, having had them all their lives. Mrs P particularly has missed having a dog terribly, and she’s felt quite isolated too. 

Age UK Sunderland referred Mrs P to Wag & Company, and we quickly matched Anita and Harry. They immediately connected, becoming firm friends very quickly. 

Harry loves to see Mrs P, and she’s been teaching him lessons in patience with his favourite treats! She told us how thrilled she was with how quickly he’d learned, and she’s very proud of him!

The referrer from Age UK told us: “Evelyn is over the moon with Harry’s visits. She gets on so well with Anita too, like they already knew each other; it’s lovely”.