Visiting Wag Team Jane and Andra visit Mr and Mrs G in Redcar

Mr G grew up on a farm and had dogs all his life. He and his wife have rescued and cared for many dogs over the years, often nursing them back to health. When they lost their last dog, they decided that they were unable to properly care for another dog of their own, which was very sad. 

Enter Visiting Wag Team Jane and gorgeous Friendship Dog Andra the Terrier / Collie Cross.

From the first visit, it was love at first sight, with Andra happily performing tricks for them and enjoying sitting on Mr G’s knee for lots of cuddles and a few treats – perfect!

Mrs G told us: “The visits are fantastic. Jane is such a lovely person – so kind and caring. Andra is amazing; as soon as the door is opened, she rushes in, goes to the treat cupboard and then rushes to Phil! We get so much from the visits: the cuddles and fusses with Andra and great company with Jane.”

Mr and Mrs G still miss having their own dog but told us that having visits from Jane and Andra makes them feel they have the best of both worlds!