Visiting Wag Team Judith and Verdi visit Mrs Freda H in Redcar

Mrs H lost her husband some years ago, and she lives alone now in Redcar. She’s had some health difficulties, which have made it hard for her to get out and about as much as she once did, so she’s been spending a great deal of time on her own. 

Mrs H has had dogs throughout her life, mostly Black Labradors and Staffies. After she lost her husband, her last dog was a great friend, so when she lost him two years ago it was a big blow, and she really misses him. Because of her health issues, having another dog was no longer an option, so introducing Visiting Wag Team, Judith and beautiful Friendship Dog Verdi the Border Terrier was the perfect solution!

Judith and Verdi now visit every Tuesday and Mrs H’s carer told us: “Freda loves Verdi, and she says he melts her heart”, and as you can see the feeling is mutual. Verdi loves all the cuddles, the odd Rich Tea Biscuit, and obviously he always has the best seat in the house!

Mrs H was referred to us by Meadowvale Homecare, who told us they were overjoyed to see how well everyone got on immediately and how absolutely besotted Mrs H was with Verdi.