Older people in need across our region! Can you help?



Mrs W lives alone, she’s a huge dog lover and although she has family, they don’t live locally. She’s managing worsening health issues which are hard to live with and have meant she is unable to leave the house, resulting in her feeling really isolated and lonely.  She has had Border Collies in the past and misses them terribly.  Regular visits from Wag friends with two and with four legs will make such a difference to her life.



Ms G is now in very poor health and she can no longer leave the house.  She has always had dogs and she told us how she has never really got over losing her last one 2 years ago; she misses him so much.  She’s feeling very lonely and socially isolated now and would really love a cuddle again with a special, furry friend and a regular chat with it’s owner.  We need a very cuddly pooch and a volunteer with an hour or so most weeks to give Ms G something to look forward to again.



Mr M lives on his own now and his health causes him problems and he finds it nearly impossible to go out, so he’s feeling really isolated.  Mr M has had mainly small dogs in the past and would love to have a regular cuddle with a little furry friend and a chat and a cuppa with a fellow dog lover.

Ms B is a huge dog lover and has had Collies all her life but now for health reasons, she can’t have one of her own and she misses them.   She lives on her own and has started to feel lonely and isolated and she would love nothing more than another lovely Collie and a friend to spend some time with.  When we had a chat about potential visits, she was quite emotional about the thought that someone would care enough to do that for her.  We do, we will and we’re on it!

Mrs T lives alone in assisted living in Middlesbrough but for health reasons she finds it difficult to socialise with the other residents and so she’s feeling really lonely and isolated.  She has had dogs all her life and a regular visit from an amazing Wag friend and their four legged friend would make the world of difference to her life.


Newcastle upon Tyne

Mr B lives on his own and has recently moved into an extra care facility, which has been quite upsetting for him.  He has always had dogs but unfortunately, he is now unable to have one of his own.  He feels really isolated from the dog loving community and very lonely.  Having a lovely dog to cuddle again and a chat with a two legged friend would make a huge difference to his life.

Mr L is a huge dog lover and has had Labradors and Terriers all his life. He lives with his wife in Assisted Living, but due to both their health issues, they are rarely able to go out, leaving them feeling isolated and alone and really missing having a lovely four legged companion to cuddle.  A regular cuppa and a chat with you and a cuddle with your lovely pooch would really make a difference to them both.



Near Wooler

Mrs J has lived alone for 3 years since her husband passed away. She has recently moved to the area and is rarely able to go out for health issues, so she is very isolated from her new community. She has always had border terriers and would love a small dog to cuddle up with and a human friend for a chat over a cuppa.


Mrs F lives with her husband and more recently is having problems communicating, but her husband tells us that even so she completely understands everything that’s going on around her.  They have had Collies in the past but as they are now unable to have one they would love the opportunity to have a lovely cuddle again.  If you and your Colllie would like to give them that gift it would make such a difference.



Mrs S lost her husband 7 years ago and has lived alone since. She visits her sister weekly but spends too much time on her own the rest of the week.  Shortly before losing her husband, they lost their beloved Labrador and she really misses his company and would love nothing more than having the companionship of another lovely lab and a new friend to share some time with.



Mr H is widowed and lives on his own now with help from carers.  Due to a number of health problems, he is now unable to go out or have dogs of his own.  He always had Rottweilers in the past and even bred champion show dogs, he misses his last boys, Duke and Douglas, terribly.  He would love the company of a dog again and some time to chat to another dog lover and share his memories.


County Durham

Near Stanley

Mrs G lives on her own and has recently lost her beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Harvey.  She is in failing health which now means she is unable to get out much or to have a dog of her own, which is very upsetting for her.  She is struggling with feeling isolated and lonely and would benefit so much from the company of a little dog and conversation with a new friend.  She really brightens up when others visit her, as she ‘has always had a busy house’.