Older people in need in Newcastle upon Tyne! Can you help?

Mr L now lives on his own after his wife passing away last year.  Following her passing last he has struggled to do the things he used to enjoy and now cannot access the community independently. Mr L is a sociable man and enjoys interaction with others. He enjoys watching the local dog walkers walk their dogs in the field behind his house, this reminds him of walking his old dogs with his late wife but due to his eyesight deteriorating he is struggling to see them now. Having a lovely dog to cuddle and a chat with a Wag friend would mean so much to him.


Mr B lives on his own and has recently moved into an extra care facility, which has been quite upsetting for him.  He has always had dogs but unfortunately, he is now unable to have one of his own.  He feels really isolated from the dog loving community and very lonely.  Having a lovely dog to cuddle again and a chat with a two legged friend would make a huge difference to his life.


Mr L is a huge dog lover and has had Labradors and Terriers all his life. He lives with his wife in Assisted Living, but due to both their health issues, they are rarely able to go out, leaving them feeling isolated and alone and really missing having a lovely four legged companion to cuddle.  A regular cuppa and a chat with you and a cuddle with your lovely pooch would really make a difference to them both.


Mr & Mrs M, are both huge dog lovers and miss their Greyhound Beau very much.  Due to various health issues they no longer go out and are feeling more and more isolated in their own home.  When the idea of having a Wag volunteer and their lovely dog come and visit them for a cuppa and a furry cuddle, they were both really excited.