Older people in need across our region! Can you help?


Stockton on Tees

Mrs N lives on her own now after losing her husband. They always had dogs, Border Collies, and she loved their company but for health reasons that’s no longer possible.  She is also having trouble getting out and about now so all in all she’s spending too much time on her own and feeling really isolated; she would love to have Wag friends with two and with four legs to visit regularly.  We’re looking for a smaller dog that can sit on her knee or bed as she’s not going to be able to bend down or stretch to reach!  If your little cuddle monster could be her new friend, please don’t hesitate, all it takes is an hour or two most weeks to make the world of difference.


Mrs B is a widow and lives on her own now, feeling isolated and lonely since the pandemic.  She has family but unfortunately, they live abroad, and are unable to get back as often as they would like.  Mrs B has had small dogs all her life and as she can no longer look after one, she misses their company terribly.  A regular visit from a Wag volunteer and their small four-legged friend for a cuppa and a cuddle, would make such a difference to her life.



Mrs T Lives on her own since losing her husband recently.  She lost her last dog a year ago but due to health and mobility issues she is unable to have a dog of her own any more, which is really hard for her.  She is feeling so isolated now she is unable to go out any more and would benefit enormously from visits from a lovely Wag team, for a cuppa and a cuddle.


Newcastle upon Tyne

Mr B lives on his own and he’s recently moved into an extra care facility, which has been quite upsetting for him.  He has always had dogs but unfortunately, he can’t have one any more.  He feels really isolated generally and from the dog loving community particularly.


Mr S is a huge dog lover but lost his beloved Labrador two years ago and unfortunately is now unable to have one of his own.  He lives on his own and once he couldn’t drive any more, he’s felt very isolated indeed.  Mr S loves to see the local dog walker, he buys dog treats so that he can go out and see all the dogs and have a chat when they walk past.  It would make such a difference to his life to have a lovely dog to visit him and for a friend for a regular chat.


Mrs G lives on her own having lost her husband quite recently. She is a huge dog lover and has always had Labradors but it’s not possible any more.  She’s finding it hard to get out independently or at all and whilst her family are very supportive and local, they work, and she spends more time than she’d like on her own. Regular visits from a Visiting Wag Team will make the world of difference to her life.


Mr T lives with his wife, but due to his poor health, he is rarely able to go out and they are also unable to have a dog of their own any more having had them all their lives. He really being part of the community and he’s feeling really isolated.  Having a lovely dog to cuddle again and a regular chat with a two legged friend will make a huge difference to his life.


Mrs D has lived on her own for a long time, but now due to her mobility deteriorating, she is rarely able to go out and feels very isolated and lonely.  She has had little dogs all her life but now being unable to have one has really upset her.  She lit up when she was told it could be possible to have a lovely visit from a Visiting Wag Team and their gorgeous little dog.


Mrs R is an ex-nurse, lives alone in Newcastle after she lost her husband, and although she has a daughter close by, she works and is unable to be there too much.  She has had dogs all her life and misses having a furry friend to cuddle hugely, so a regular visit from four-legged friend to cuddle and a two legged one to share her lovely doggy stories with would really make a difference in her life.


County Durham

Bishop Auckland

Mrs M has recently had to move from her rural farm to a nearby village but has said that since the move she feels more lonely and isolated than ever.  She has had small dogs all her life, mainly Border Terriers due to allergies, and really misses them, so everyone feels that she would benefit enormously from visits from a lovely Wag team, for a cuppa and a cuddle.  She has an allergy to cats, so if you have a lovely Border Terrier who comes from a cat free home, Mrs M would really love a visit, an hour or two most weeks would make such a difference to her.