Elsie meets Pringle

Elsie meets Pringle and tells us when she strokes his head, she feels her stress lift ♥️

Team Wag Honoured by Her Majesty the Queen

Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service!

Wag’s Autumn newsletter’s hot off the press!

Our Autumn Newsletter is hot off the press;  it’s a lovely read to catch up on all things Wag over your morning coffee.  Download your copy here. Autumn Wag news 2021

Volunteer profile: Meet Lynne Wadsworth & Friendship Dog, Spud

Over 400 great people with their special dogs volunteer for Wag & Company across our region, meet one of them, this is Lynne Wadsworth and her Schnoodle Spud who joined us just before Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. Lynne and Spud visit a dementia group in Chester le Street, Rhythm NOT Blues, and also Jim, a gentleman in his own home in Newcastle, who has significant memory issues.
Lynne tells us how she became a Wag volunteer, the difference it makes to her as well as to the people she visits, and why little Spud is the perfect Friendship Dog!

Walk for Wag at Kielder; also a day out for our friends!

Three of our older friends joined us at Kielder this year; Mrs Sheila Moody and Mr & Mrs John Chilton.

Wag team in the office

It was lovely to see old friends at Kielder and to put faces to names, particularly for our new office team members.  Here we all are:

Walk for Wag 2021 at Kielder

What a wonderful day, thanks everyone for supporting it; here’s our lovely photo album!

Covid-19 Policy Update

introducing a 2 vaccination requirement for visiting our home placements. Visiting without 2 vaccinations will still be possible in some medical environments with PPE. Medical exemptions discussed individually.

Tim talks ticks!

Our Veterinary Advisor, Dr Tim Nuttall, talks gives some advice for Wag volunteers on identifying and effectively dealing with ticks!

Wag’s Summer newsletter’s in circulation!

Our Summer Newsletter has just been circulated;  it’s a lovely read over your morning coffee.  Download your copy here. Summer Wag news 2021

Visiting Wag Team, Evie & Bruce, visit Ros and John in Newcastle

Covid-19 presented many difficulties and arranging home visiting risk assessments and referrals has been a challenge. But in typical Wag style, we always find a way!

Reuniting Sheila and Eddie; the Wag dream team..

As precious reuniting photographs go, this one is very precious!

Friends Reuniting!

Denis and Friendship Dog Max!

Points of Light Award presented by Guy Opperman MP in June.

In early June, outside our Hexham office, a team from Wag were delighted to receive the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award.

Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Presentation of the Award is scheduled for October at Alnwick Castle.

Visiting Wag Team, Anita & Harry, visit Gordon & Gwen in Sunderland

Gordon and Gwen are very isolated, their family live away and after they lost their last dog, a much loved Alsatian, they’ve missed him terribly. Referred by The Essence Service in Sunderland who believe regular contact with a dog again and a chat with Anita too will make all the difference.

Visiting Wag Team, Karen & Woody, visit Wendy and Tom in Newcastle.

Wendy and her husband Tom have had dogs all their married life, border collies or labradors, but after their last dog died, neither of them were able to care for another dog of their own and they miss them terribly.

Visiting Wag Team, Lynne & Spud, visit Jim in Newcastle

Jim lives at home in Newcastle with his wife Jacqui. After they lost their beloved black Labrador it was no longer possible to have a dog of their own. Jim adores dogs and he whilst he has a soft toy dog which barks which he finds very comforting and therapeutic, the real thing in the form of cuddly Spud the Schnoodle, is a very welcome addition to the family!

Visiting Wag Team, Stephanie & Alfie, visit Doreen in Yarm

Steph and Alfie have been visiting Doreen since the beginning of May; initially visiting outside on a long lead. Doreen is really enjoyed her new friends.

Visiting Wag Team, Marilyn and Ted, visit Tom in Lynemouth

Wag volunteer, Sean Malone, had been keeping in touch with Tom regularly during Lockdown but unfortunately his dog Alfie is unwell; enter little Ted to pick up the mantle!

Visiting Wag Team, Sharon and Millie visit Winnie in Newcastle 

Since January 2020, Sharon and her Friendship Dog Millie have been visiting Winnie in Newcastle and as Terrie who referred Winnie to us said: It was love at first sight!

Rest in Peace, Mrs Jane Stobbart, who so loved her Friendship Dog, Max.

We were so very sorry to hear last week of the death of one of our older friends, Mrs Jane Stobbart from Sunderland much loved by Visiting Wag Team, Lynn Knight and Max.

Oscar granting a last request at St Cuthbert’s Hospice in Durham.

We felt so privileged to be able to help a family at this difficult time.

Visiting Wag Team, Liz and Milly visit Norman in Prudhoe

Since February 2019, Liz and Friendship Dog, Milly, have been visiting Norman in his own home in Prudhoe. 

Visiting Wag Team Debi and Poppy visit Joan in Newcastle City

We received a referral on the 23rd December for Joan who has a terminal illness in her own home in Newcastle City with 24/7 nursing care. Joan is completely bed ridden, has no family in the region and no-one to visit.

Visiting Wag Team Gemma and Bentley visit Lynn in Killingworth

Mrs Lynn Brennan was referred to us in August 2018 by her GP and also by St Oswald’s Hospice because of her severe arthritis; she has subsequently been diagnosed with chronic lung disease.

Visiting Wag Team Olivia and Kobe visit Ella near Durham City

Olivia and Kobe have been visiting Ella since January 2019. Ella has full time carers and a condition which confines her to a wheelchair which is very challenging for her.

Visiting Wag Team, Terry and Dotty visit Eddie in Bishop Auckland

Terry and his dog, Dotty, have been visiting the lovely Eddie in his own home in Bishop Auckland since November 2019 and they’ve built a beautiful friendship.

Visiting Wag Team Rachel and Ballet visit Ron and Cath in Cramlington

Since November 2017, Rachel and her labrador, Ballet, have been visiting Ron and Cath in their home in Cramlington.